Why Ant?

here are some facts about ants:

Why Ant

Why Ant Moving Company?

When Ant Moving Company began in 2008, we wanted to find a name that underscored our objective in the moving industry. We couldn’t name ourselves The Reliable, Organized, Strong Moving Company so we looked to nature’s movers for inspiration: Ants!

Our moving teams function like ants. They are highly organized, clean, reliable, and can carry up to twenty times their body weights…on our heavy duty trucks of course. Unlike ants, we don’t steal any sweets from your home and understand that your home is your castle. Whether it is the home you are leaving or the one you are moving to, we treat both it and you with the most respect and strive to make your move pleasant experience.

Whether you are a moving yourself, your family, or your business; we understand that you’re not just moving your things, you are moving your lives. We have helped numerous people, as well as businesses, relocate and have the stress out of their move. We would be glad to do the same for you. Please call us at 1.818.922.5989

Cities in Los Angeles County Serviced by Ant Moving Company:

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Los Angeles Apartments Serviced by Ant Moving Company:

555 Barrington; Avalon Wilshire; Broadcast Center; Burton Way Luxury Apartments; Marina Terrace Apartments; Museum Gardens; Palazzo Westwood Village; Park La Brea Apartments; Serravella; The Capri Apartments; The Cresent at West Hollywood; The Palazzo at Park La Brea; The Palazzo East at Park La Brea; The Plaza at Westwood; The Reserve Luxury Lofts; The Villa at Marina Harbor; The Villas at Park La Brea